23rd-29th September 2017

Common Questions

  • What is Freshers’ Week?
    At Newcastle we have one of the biggest Freshers’ Weeks in the country, with hundreds of daytime events and night time events over the course of the week. Once you buy your wristband, all daytime and night time activities are free. We offer a wide range of activities during the day showcasing everything your new home city has to offer. Then, on the nights, our 450 strong crew of costumed volunteers take you into town to try Newcastle’s world famous nightlife. It isn’t all alcohol related however, with several non-drinking events also taking place each evening on campus and in town.
  • Who can get involved?
    If you are a new undergraduate or postgraduate entering your first year of your course at Newcastle University you are able to buy a wristband! No matter who you are we guarantee that there is something for everyone to enjoy during the week. Students transferring from Durham are also able to buy a wristband!
  • Where can I buy a wristband?
    You can buy a wristband online at and collect it at the Students Union on Saturday 23rd September or Sunday 24th  September 11am to 6pm. Be sure to bring along your university registration document, confirmation letter and a form of photographic identification (driving license/passport)
  • What is included in the price?
    Once you have bought your wristband EVERYTHING in our Freshers' Week programme is free. Check out what's included at
  • I’m under-18, can I buy a wristband?
    You are still able to buy a wristband if you are under-18. Although you will not be able to attend any events in bars or clubs, because of this we will offer you a discount of £20 when you pick up your wristband. There are still hundreds of different things you can get involved with during the week so make sure you don’t miss out!
  • Can I buy a wristband when I arrive in Newcastle?
    We advise buying a wristband online as soon as possible, as they sell out every year, to avoid being disappointed. However if you are unable to do this, there may be a limited quantity remaining when you arrive. Head to the Students’ Union when you arrive to find out more!
  • Can I attend the events without a wristband?
    You will not be allowed entry to any daytime or evening event included in the official Newcastle University Freshers’ Week without a wristband. These are checked and scanned in.
  • Is this the only official Newcastle Freshers’ Week wristband?
    Yes! This is the only wristband that is part of the official Newcastle Freshers’ Week. There are several promoters out there who will try to lure you to their own events and wristbands which have expensive entrance fees and drinks. Official wristbands can only be bought from
  • How do I collect my wristband?
    Bring a form of photographic identification (driving licence, passport etc.) and your university confirmation letter to the Students’ Union and we’ll give you your wristband, as well as your goodie bag full of freebies and useful items.
  • I have lectures all day, is it worth me buying a wristband?
    Don’t worry! Every day time activity is repeated after 2pm, when lectures are no longer compulsory and there are still the main events in the evening.
  • I don’t drink, is it worth me buying a wristband?
    Over 85% of activities in Freshers’ Week are not involving alcohol and take place in venues or locations that are not bars or clubs. There are many students who chose not to drink for various reasons. There are many night time events that you can still attend such as our headline comedian, acoustic nights and murder mystery. The daytime activities are not focused on alcohol consumption and provide great value for money. Where else could you go quad biking in the day, grab some free food on a grub crawl and then head to the cinema or horse racing?
  • How do I sign up to activities?
    Once you have collected your wristband you can sign up to activities from 8am in the stretch tent outside the Students’ Union. A full list of activities is found in your booklet, your copy of the Union’s newspaper, the Courier and online at
  • How do I attend the evening events?
    We have a group of 450 volunteers called Freshers’ Crew who are here to help you settle in and have a good time! Crew will come and pick you up every evening (if you are in halls) to take you to the big night-time events, so make sure you are ready early! If you live in halls of residences that are not within walking distance to campus, coaches and minibuses are supplied to pick you up. If you are living at home/in private accommodation, there will be dedicated meeting points for you to convene at and you can even grab a lift home from our minibus drivers (last meeting time is at 1am).
  • I’m a local student and I don’t want to feel left out… what is there for me during Freshers’ Week?
    We understand that there are a large number of students who will be living locally for university and we want to make sure that you are still given a fantastic week. There are specific meeting points before the night time events where you can meet others in the same position and provide transport home each night from Freshers’ Week events to those living nearby.  We also have our early arrivals week for local students and those that arrive before Freshers’ week. This runs from Tuesday 19th September, and more details can be found at
  • Is the wristband value for money?
    We offer hundreds of different daytime activities and events and get tons of discounts and freebies for you guys which makes the price of the wristband really great value for money. For example, it may cost £40 to go mud-buggying, £15 for a meal out, £5 entry to a night-club and £20 to go to the theatre (totalling £80) if you paid up-front for these activities. But with an official Freshers’ Week wristband, you can do all this and SO MUCH MORE! You could even do all this in one day!We promise you a truly unforgettable week that has been months in the planning! And if that isn’t enough to convince you, last year over 80% of undergraduates bought a wristband! (as well as many post-grad, mature and international students). You don’t want to be the only one in the flat who is missing out on a Freshers’ Week that is one of the BIGGEST and BEST in the country!!

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